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Arlington National Cemetery

Memorial to the crew of the space shuttle Challenger

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In Grateful and Loving Tribute to the Brave Crew of the United States Space Shuttle Challenger
28 January 1986

Francis R. (Dick) Scobee
May 19, 1939

Ronald E. McNair
Mission Specialist
South Carolina
October 21, 1950

S. Christa McAuffie
Payload Specialist
New Hampshire
September 2, 1948

Gregory B. Jarvis
Payload Specialist
August 24, 1944

Judith A. Resnik
Mission Specialist
April 5, 1949

Ellison S. Omimaka
Mission Specialist
June 24, 1946

Michael J. Smith
North Carolina
April 30, 1945

There is also a memorial at the John F. Kennedy Space Center for the Challenger astronauts.

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