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Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Thomas Jefferson was chairman of a committee of revisors of colonial laws which met in Weedon's tavern in January 1777. The other committee members were George Mason, George Wythe, and Thomas Ludwell Lee. The Statute of Religious Freedom which they drafted was adopted virtually unchanged by the Virginia General Assembly on December 16, 1785. It established the principle that "no man shall suffer on account of his religious opinions and beliefs"
The Virginia statute inspired the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which was incorporated into the Bill Of Rights in 1789. Jefferson regarded the statute on freedom to practice religion as one of the major accomplishments of his life.
The monument was unveiled at the 200th Anniversary of George Washington's birth on october 16, 1932, near Maury School. It was moved to its present location on Washington Avenue Mall at Pitt Street and rededicated on January 13, 1977.
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