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Fredericksburg, Virginia

Fredericksburg Campaign: With Richmond as his objective, General Ambrose Burnside started the Federal Army of the Potomac from Warrenton on November 15, 1862.  Forcing a crossing of the Rappahannock river on December 11, he occupied Fredericksburg and the plain south of town along the river.  Across that plain, on the morning of December 13, the Federals attacked General Stonewall Jackson's front in an unsuccessful attempt to break the Confederate right flank.  Then, about noon, other Federal columns formed at the western edge of town and charged across open fields towards Marye's Heights.  Confederate infantry behind the stone wall, supported by artillery on these and neighboring heights, repelled seven Federal attacks.  The Federals retreated across the Rappahannock during the night of December 15-16, 1862.

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