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Hampton National Historic Site

National Park sign: Drawing and description of the ice house.

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I made a trip to the Hampton National Historic Site on May 25, 2009. A few things have changed in the seven years since I last visited.

I seem to remember that I wasn't allowed to take flash pictures inside the mansion in 2002. I was able to take flash pictures inside the mansion in 2009.

Pictures 45 through 63 were taken during this trip in 2009.

This is a National Park drawing and description of the ice house. I know you can't read the text in the picture, so I've reproduced the text here.

The ice house, directly in front of you, was built the same time as the mansion. Ridgely workers cut ice from a nearby pond. That ice was dumped into the conical chamber through the ice hatch. As the ice, and perhaps snow, was forced down, it compressed vertically and horizontally, freezing it into a mass of ice which would provide delightfully cold food and drink through a sweltering Baltimore summer.

The hallway to the left of the drawing was used to retrieve the ice, and perhaps to store food to keep it cold.

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