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Mount Vernon

Mansion kitchen

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The kitchen building, with what remains of a well in front. I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the inside of the building.

The scullery provided additional space for food preparation and for dishwashing. The stairway leads to two rooms upstairs used for storing kitchen utensils and as an apartment for the housekeeper. At the time of George Washington's death, the housekeeper was a white servant named Mrs. forbes, who came to Mount Vernon after working in the same capacity for the governor of Virginia.

The second room, a larder, was cooler than the rest of the kitchen as a result of being partially underground. With the door closed to keep out the heat from the fireplace, perishables would keep here for a day or two. Over the years George Washington tried with varying degrees of success to fill an icehouse with enough ice cut from the river each winter to last through the hot Virginia summer.

The crane in the kitchen fireplace is believed to be an original, as are a trivet, an iron-stand, a marble mortar, and a bell metal skillet.

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