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Welcome to Ohio Caverns, or as my son said, the OC in OH. These pictures were taken July 4, 2005. The caverns are privately owned, and an admission is charged, but the owners maintain and show the cave according to the best known scientific and research standards.

In 1897, a farm boy investigating the disappearance of water into a sinkhole in a nearby field discovered this system of subterranean passageways. Digging down a few feet, he found an opening to a cave that had begun forming perhaps several thousand years earlier during the Ice Age in soluble limestone bedrock that was approximately 400 million years old. Ground water dripping down from the cavern's ceiling continues to form stalactites, stalagmites, and mineral coatings on the cavern's walls, floor, and ceiling. A portion of Ohio Caverns near the discovery site was opened to the public in 1897, but that section closed in 1925 when a more extensive and geologically interesting part of the caverns was discovered. Ohio Caverns is the largest known cave system in the state and is widely considered to be the most beautiful of all Ohio caves.

The directions from Columbus on the Ohio Caverns website were clear enough, but we ran into two problems that you may avoid. First, when you exit US 33 for State Route 245 West, you turn left, and a quick right after you pass under US 33. We missed the quick right and got lost in Marysville. Second, when you're passing through North Lewisberg, after you go through downtown you turn left, go a block, and turn right again. There's a sign that says 245 continues to the left. This sign is twisted, and should be visible from a different side street. Continue straight out of town for about three miles and you will get to Middletown.

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