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Valley Forge National Historical Park

Wayne Statue

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The bronze equestrian Wayne Statue stands in an area where Pennsylvania troops commanded by General Anthony Wayne were encamped. The statue faces toward the general's home in nearby Chester County.

The First and Second Pennsylvania Brigades, temporarily commanded by Brigadeer General Anthony Wayne, encamped in this area. About 800 men served in each of the sixteen brigades at Valley Forge. An estimated 34,577 pounds of meat and 168 barrels of flour per day were needed to feed the army.

Soldiers relied on their home states and on the Continental Congress to supply food, clothing, and equipment. Shortages varied wildly between the regiments. Any number of misfortunes - spoilage, bad roads, or capture by British foragers - could prevent supplies from reaching camp.

When food ran so low that mutiny seemed imminent, General Wayne led an emergency foraging expedition into New Jersey. Their mission: to round up all the cattle they could find, and to destroy what they could not bring with them. The owners concealed their herds in pine woods, and there were skirmishes with British foraging parties, but General Wayne was so successful that he bacame know as "The Drover".

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